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Water Heater Repair and Replacement


Zeek Plumbing provides expert water heater repair , replacement, and maintenance services for all types of residential water heaters.
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WATER HEATER TYPES: Tankless or Storage?

Tankless (or Demand Type)

  • Only provides hot water when necessary
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost is more than a storage water heater
  • Lasts more than 20 years on average


  • Cost is less than tankless water heater
  • Lasts 10 -15 years

Although the tankless water heater does cost more than the conventional storage water heater, this higher priced tankless heater is actually worth the investment since this heater typically lasts longer and has lower operating and energy costs. While Zeek Plumbing recommends the tankless water heater, we are happy to repair, service, or replace your storage water heater as well.

Is it time to replace your water heater?

Most tank water heaters have a ten year lifespan on average. After so many years, parts wear out, corrosion can develop, and tanks crack. It is important to know the age of your water heater in order to predict when to consider a replacement.

Some common signs that the tank water heater is reaching the end of its useful life…

  • Compromised water supply– Hot water coming from the shower or tap is cooler or runs out quicker than usual.
  • Rusty water– If the hot water coming from your tap is a rust color, it may mean that there is tank corrosion.
  • Leaking water– The tank water heater may eventually spring a leak after a number of years.
  • Loud noise– A loud banging noise occurs whenever the tank is heating.

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