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Water Heater Installations and Repairs


Zeek Plumbing provides expert water heater installations, repairs, and recommendations for all types of residential and commercial water heaters.

Is it time to replace your existing unit?

Most tank systems have an average lifespan of 10 years, but the warranty on a standard water heater is 6 years. After years of use, parts wear out, corrosion can develop, anode rods can deteriorate, and cracks can form. It is important to know the age of your water heater in order to predict when to consider a replacement.

Water softeners can remediate some of the sediment build up and deterioration of your water heater. Please refer to our previous blog post for more information on water softeners.

Some common signs that the tank is reaching the end of its useful life…
  • Compromised water supply– Hot water coming from the shower or tap is cooler or runs out quicker than usual.
  • Rusty water– If the hot water coming from your tap is a rust color, it may mean that there is tank corrosion.
  • Leaking water– The tank may eventually leak from the bottom due to corrosion, which is not repairable
  • Loud noise– A loud banging noise occurs whenever the tank is heating.

Tankless Water Heaters


  • Only produces hot water when necessary (On-Demand)
  • Energy efficient
  • In the long run, you will save money on utilities to run your tankless vs a storage tank
  • Tankless water heaters typically last 15-20 years on average
  • Does not take up as much space as a storage tank water heater
  • Hot water is produced very quickly, does not require time to “warm up”
  • Does not take up a lot of space on wall


  • Can run out of hot water if multiple fixtures such as showers, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. are running at the same time
  • Plumbers recommend yearly service of the tankless water heaters
  • Material cost of a tankless unit is more expensive than a storage tank unit
  • If you switched from storage to tankless, the plumbing will need to be updated during installation which can cause the installation costs to be higher than a storage tank water heater

Storage/Standard Water Heaters


  • Storage tank water heaters are the most common water heaters
  • Replacement parts such as gas valves and pilot assemblies are more readily available
  • Material cost of storage tank water heaters is cheaper than a tankless
  • If you use multiple hot water fixtures (dishwasher, washing machine, showers) at the same time, storage tanks are able to keep up with the hot water usage
  • Does not require yearly maintenance


  • Less energy efficient than a tankless water heater
  • Average life span is typically 10 years on average
  • Depending on the size of the unit (40 gallon, 50 gallon, 75 gallon), storage tank water heaters can take up a lot of space

Zeek Plumbing is available to assist you with your water heater needs. We can provide our expertise to recommend a tankless water heater or storage tank water heater for your home. Depending on the amount of bathrooms, people in the home, and hot water usage, we will review with you the options available for a new water heater. Zeek Plumbing does not participate in any “up-selling”, we provide you all of the options and information for you to make an educated decision.

Please give our office a call at 866-635-0200 or use our Book Online Form, if your existing unit is leaking, you would like a quote, or have any questions regarding your existing water heater.


Great customer service. I had a problem with my toilet and they came out the same day to repair. Would definitely recommend
Frank D.
I had an emergancy and Zeek took care of it immediately and on short notice. Technicians were very proffessional. I will definetly use them again and will recomnend them to friends and family. Thier pricing was great also.
Michael A.
We highly recommend Zeek Plumbing! Within 24 hours of calling, Tim and Oliver arrived on time to replace our hot water heater and they were professional, polite and thorough. They worked quick (not fast) and clean and also corrected the prior improper installation of the overflow tank. Ryan even followed up to ensure we were happy and finalized all necessary paperwork. Everyone went above and beyond our expectations. Great job Zeek Plumbing, thank you!
Mary Alice S.
I recently had an almost fully clogged kitchen sink drain. I called Zeek Plumbing early in the morning and got a recording. I decided to not leave a message and would call back later. They took it upon themselves to call me back after seeing my number in their missed calls log. I explained the situation and was told they'd take care of it within a week; they arrived later that afternoon. The technician, Tim, and his partner (I unfortunately did not catch his name), worked incredibly hard to unclog the drain. They used multiple augers and auger heads, eventually running the snake 56 feet into the line until they finally were able to break through the clog after nearly three hours. Other technicians would likely have given up after a couple tries and recommend digging up the pipe, but Tim and his partner kept at it until the job was done. Tim asked me two or three times if I was satisfied with the job before he left. Pure professionalism all around. It got pricey in the end, but you get what you pay for. I couldn't recommend them more.
Michael T.
Thank you, Zeek Plumbing, for your quick response and excellent service on a water heater installation from June 2022.Tim came out the same day that I called when our hot water heater sprung a leak making a mess of the basement (other local companies I had called stated they were unable to come until 1-2 days later). He was so kind & knowledgeable! We had the choice to replace parts on our old unit, and possibly have to wait 2+ weeks for parts due to COVID supply chain issues, or replace the unit entirely. Tim took the time to explain the pros & cons to both without pressuring us. Steve gave us a quote over the phone and ultimately we chose to replace with a new Bradford White. Richard & Oliver showed up the following morning at 8AM. Service was quick, they left the area clean, and price was fair.
Jeannette F.
I had a good experience with Zeek. I contacted them to install a water softener. They put me in touch with the supplier, who tested by water and recommended a system. Then Zeek installed it. Rich patiently walked me through the ins-and-outs, and they were finished in just a few hours.I note that Zeek had to push back the installation date because they were late ordering of the water softener. But they apologized, set a new date, and got it all done. We all make mistakes; but it's those (like Zeek) that take responsibility and fix the issue that deserve repeat business.I'm already contacting Zeek again for other work that needs doing!
I had Zeek plumbing come. A guy Bill came and realized he could not do the job since cabinet had tiny opening for tiny person so he called another staff member to come. He knew exactly what the problem was . At first I thought maybe he did not want to do job or I had to call another company. I said to myself let me see and got call stating Oliver was going to do it but Tim would also help. They both came out and I liked both of them. They were both very nice , professional and fixed the problem . They were their for about an hour and a half and ended out charging me they said for 1 hour. I will know for sure when I get a bill from credit card , they gave me no paper statement or bill just told me verbally what I was going to be charged . I was recommended to use this company from my electrician . I recommend that a plumber always put paper or plastic boots on in front of customer. Their boots can really make marks on floors or carpet . Most customers would appreciate this and it is also a sign of respect for property . I recommend this company and would use them again soon .
shari G.
Zeek Plumbing's crew was on time, and fixed every issue I had. Reasonably priced and easy to communicate with. Nice, neat and knowledgeable guys. THANK YOU!
Manny R.
My new go-to for any plumbing needs. Everything about this experience was perfect. Bill was great!
Chris T.
Steve and his crew responded in hours. Bill was incredibly knowledgeable and courteous. Could not have been happier!!!
maureen D.
Had a great experience today with Zeek plumbing. Rich and Nick stopped by because my boiler was smoking and releasing smell into the basement. Turns out there were a few other things wrong with it. It’s a 30 year old unit that needs replacing but that’s not going to be for a while so I really needed the service. My appointment was scheduled for 8am and they were here at 7:53 which was great. Rich showed me everything he was doing as he fixed things and did his best to explain everything to me although honestly everything went right over my head. Still though I highly appreciated the explanation of everything! I’m happy to say that the boiler is running like a brand new unit. No odor, no delay and it was all done very quickly! I think the price was reasonable considering they were here for two hours. Also thought it was awesome that Rich played with my Dog and pet my ferret! Haha anyhow. I highly recommend these guys, very high level of professionalism. I had another company come out a few months ago for similar issue and it was not fixed at all… and the other things that Rich identified that should have been fixed were left to rot essentially. Anyway I highly recommend Zeek for your plumbing needs. They did a great job.
Leo S.
I highly recommend using Zeek Plumbing & Mechanical. They respond quickly to phone calls, are punctual and very knowledgeable about all aspects of your plumbing needs and concerns. Rich is personable and is an expert at completing the job from start to finish.

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