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Simple Solutions for Optimal Drain Performance

May 3, 2024

Things wear down with usage. The drainage systems in our homes and offices are also vulnerable to being worn down. Besides, we all are familiar with that unpleasant whiff  that sometimes stays behind in our bathrooms. But here’s the sauce, situations like these might mean that your drains are clogged.  This issue is very common […]

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Water Heater Leaking Cause and Solution

Addressing a Leaking Water Heater: A Guide to Quick Action and Solutions

May 2, 2024

Water leakage in heaters is a very common household problem. However, when this situation arises, it is important that you understand that leakage means you will have to fix your water heater. That’s when you call in our guys from Zeek Plumbing. But, of course, while we reach your doorstep, you will have to find […]

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Hot water heater leak

Water Heater Leaking, Causes & Solutions

February 13, 2024

Water heaters are the most reliable appliances for warm showers, sanitized dishes, and cozy living spaces. However, even the most dependable devices can face unexpected challenges, and one of the most typical troubles homeowners encounter is a water heater leaking. This blog post explores the possible causes and solutions with troubleshooting steps to address this […]

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Frozen faucet in winter

Winter Plumbing Tips: Avoiding Frozen Pipes and More

December 7, 2023

Winter is a great time for reflection and family with all of the holidays sprinkled throughout the season. However, winter can also be a time of great agitation for your plumbing systems. As temperatures continue to drop below freezing, you can have frozen or burst pipes and heat problems.   Refer to the following tips […]

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Residential Buyer’s Guide To Water Heaters

Residential Buyer’s Guide to Water Heaters

August 18, 2023

Every single residence has a daily need for hot water. Zeek Plumbing will review below the different types of water heaters or hot water systems you can have. Whether it’s a standard unit, tankless, combination boiler (heat & hot water) or boiler with an indirect water heater, you will have one of these systems in […]

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