Addressing a Leaking Water Heater: A Guide to Quick Action and Solutions

Water Heater Leaking Cause and Solution

Water leakage in heaters is a very common household problem. However, when this situation arises, it is important that you understand that leakage means you will have to fix your water heater. That’s when you call in our guys from Zeek Plumbing. But, of course, while we reach your doorstep, you will have to find a way for some quick fixes. Don’t worry, we will tell you what you can do:

How to Stop Water Heater Leakage?

First things first, you will have to focus on stopping the leakage, temporarily, without any panic. So,  take a deep breath, and keep the area near your heater dry. While you’re cleaning, you can assess the exact point of water heater leaking and cause of it. Once you identify it, here’s what you can do: 

  • Turn off the water supply

To do this, first you have to look for the valves that supply water to the heater and turn it off completely. This constraints additional leakage.  

  • Specifically for Electric water heaters

This is something very specific and important, you need to turn off the electric power to your heater. Then, after all electric shock risks are eliminated, you can focus on addressing the leak.

Common types of water heater leaks and potential solutions

There are two major types of leaks, which can cause problems for your water heater. These include: 

Topside Leak

It can happen as a result of loose connection of water pipes, or due to faulty shut off valves. You can try tightening the connections. However, if that doesn’t stop the water heater leakage,  then you will have to give us a call. 

Bottom Leak

When the leakage happens in the lower part of your water heater, it indicates a faulty pressure relief valve – you can replace it quickly. However, the worst case scenario here can be a crack in the water tank, in which case, you will have to consider a water heater replacement.

Water Heater Linking, cause and solution

Is it an Emergency? When to call a plumber

Having a water leakage in your heater is definitely a serious problem. If you leave it unattended, it can create bigger problems like water damage or mold growth in your home. So, following are the two scenarios of water heater leakage, when you should promptly reach out to a licensed plumber:

Significant Leak

If you think that the water leakage is substantial, then you should not stick to DIY and call up the professionals for immediate repairs. 

Electrical Hazard

When an electrical water heater is involved, or if the leakage is around electrical components of your home. You should firstly shut off the electricity and then contact the professional plumbers in nj right away to avoid the electrical hazards. 

Preventive Measures to Stop Water Heater Leakage and Long Term Solutions

The most important preventive measure is to regularly do a maintenance check of your water heater for such leaks. By having it checked with a qualified plumbing expert, you can catch problems like water leakage even before they become a menace.

Zeek Plumbing: Your NJ Water Heater Experts

For everyone in New Jersey, we’re just a call away. With a team of licensed professionals with years of experience that provides the best services in town.  We can take care of any challenges when it comes to water heaters.


A small leak today, can turn into something big tomorrow. Don’t let a simple problem like a water heater leakage turn into something serious. Contact Zeek Plumbing, the best  NJ plumber you can get. Call us once to make sure that you are saving money on your future repair needs!

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