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sump pump installed

What Type of Sump Pump Do You Need in Your Home?

March 25, 2020

Sump pumps are designed to pump water from your basement or home in the event there is a flood. You would rarely even notice they are in your home until they fail. Your basement will begin to fill with water with no way to pump it out. Flooding can cause thousands of dollars of damage […]

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garbage disposal

10 Things to Avoid Putting in Garbage Disposals

February 13, 2020

Disposal Basics Garbage disposals were designed to break up all different types of food waste. They can be a great addition to any kitchen sink due to their convenience. However, there are definitely items that will cause damage to the blades or clog your drain if added to the garbage disposal. They typically give the […]

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Frozen pipes

Plumbing Tips for the Fall

September 24, 2019

Cold weather will be here sooner than you think, and freezing temperatures always cause problems with plumbing. Zeek Plumbing recommends that you follow these Fall plumbing tips to avoid a disaster this Winter season. Following all of these Fall plumbing tips will help prevent problems that usually arise during the cold seasons. If you would […]

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water filtration system

What is a Water Softener and Do You Need One?

August 15, 2019

At the base level, a water softener removes minerals from the water in your home. When water is traveling to your home it breaks down materials and minerals which all flow with the water, hence the name hard water. Soft water is simply the name for the water that has passed through the water softener […]

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Plumbing Facts

15 More Interesting Facts About Plumbing

July 16, 2019

The plumbing industry is filled with many weird and interesting facts. We thought it would be fun to share some of those interesting facts. Surprise many of your friends or family with your plumbing knowledge! 1. The origin of plumbing dates all the way back to 2700 BC when the Indus Valley Civilization developed earthen […]

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