Simple Solutions for Optimal Drain Performance


Things wear down with usage. The drainage systems in our homes and offices are also vulnerable to being worn down. Besides, we all are familiar with that unpleasant whiff  that sometimes stays behind in our bathrooms. But here’s the sauce, situations like these might mean that your drains are clogged.  This issue is very common in households. The good news is, we have some tips and tricks that can help in keeping your drains healthy and the water flowing smoothly.

Here’s what you need to know for optimal drain performance

First of all, start giving your drains a professional Drain Cleaning or Water Leak Repairing service every year, at least once.  Think of it like your  annual body checkup. By doing this, you can easily prevent clogging, and keep the water from sinking slowly while you’re running late. 

What are some factors that lead to poor drain performance?

Clogged Drains:-

Accumulation of debris in the form of soap, hair, grease, etc can easily happen in the pipes, if not cleaned frequently. This can reduce the water flow, resulting in clogging. 

Broken Pipes:-

Holes or cracks in the pipelines will restrict the flow of your water, or even cause leaks. Getting cleaning from professional plumbers mitigates this risk. 

Buildup of Sediment:-

Some areas have hard water, and in these places, there can be a buildup inside the pipes, leading to slow drainage.

Ways to improve your drainage performance

Here are some ways through which you can keep your drains performance optimal:

Hot water flush:- Pouring some hot water down your drains can give it a good cleaning. It helps in washing away any gunk that may be accumulated.

Use Natural Cleaners:- Natural cleaners like baking soda and vinegar are a common household cleaning combo. You can apply it to your drains as well. These are better for pipes as these substances are chemical free.

Chemical cleaners for emergencies:- Products like Dranco are useful in clogging your drains. However, if used too many times, these chemical cleaners can be harmful for your pipes. So, don’t use these cleaners unless it’s an emergency!

Benefits of Clean Drains

Drains that are clean keep your space clean, and help you live an easy  going “whiff free” smile. Here are the different benefits of having a clean drainage system: 

  • You get a faster flow of water, reducing your wait time for the sink to get empty; 
  • Regular cleaning eliminates all risks of clogging;
  • No accumulation means stink free sinks!; and 
  • You can save yourself a lot of money on repairs from cleaning your drainage system regularly. 

When Should you Hire a Professional? 

You can choose to do the drainage cleaning on your own. But, honestly, who has the time? Also, professionals are always prone to do a better job at it than you. Afterall, you wouldn’t go fight your own lawsuit. So, learn when exactly you should hire a professional. It;s when you feel that the water drainage has slowed down, or you catch that unpleasant “whiff”, pick up the phone and call us.

To conclude, don’t  wait until your water clogging becomes a regular thing to take action. Get drainage cleaning on a regular basis to optimize your drainage performance. We’re here to help you always – Call Zeek Plumbing today!

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