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Zeek Plumbing purchased a new Kubota excavator, and now fully equipped to handle any and all excavation work! If you are interested in completing any of the following plumbing services, Zeek Plumbing is here to assist you.

Water Main Breaks

In the plumbing industry, you become accustomed to assisting your customers with emergency services. In the event of a possible water main break, we recommended to call our office at 866-635-0200 as soon as possible. To prevent any damage to your property or home, it is essential to move quickly. We will need to confirm a shutdown of your water at your curb box for the repair to be made. After the water has been shut down, we will excavate with our new Kubota machine (pictured below) to locate the leak or broken section of the water main. The main will be repaired, and the excavator will return the ground to normal grade. The township will be able to turn the water back on at the curb box, and your plumbing emergency will be solved!

Repaired water main break iin Basking Ridge (3)
Repairing a water main break in Basking Ridge

Water Service Connections

Depending on the location of your home, you have city or well water. Zeek Plumbing provides free estimates for your new water service. The township water department will install a new curb box for your main to be hooked up to for city water. Zeek Plumbing will excavate from the curb box to the foundation of your home. The water main will be run through the trench, through the foundation, and hooked into the water meter. Once the installation is complete, we will have the town inspect and approve the work.


Gas Piping Installations

Are you interested in having a gas line installed for a new outside fire pit, pool heating equipment, or another gas fixture? Zeek Plumbing can assist you with all of the plumbing for any gas fixture. Depending on the fixture or the size of piping needed, excavation for your gas line may be needed. We are able to assist you with all of your plumbing needs. For example, gas piping installed from your meter across your lawn to pool heating equipment locations.

Screenshot_20200522-135201 (1)
Screenshot_20200522-135226 (1)
Screenshot_20200522-135105 (1)
Screenshot_20200522-135127 (1)

If you would like to schedule any of the work detailed within this blog, our office is always available to you at 866-635-0200.


Zeek has always come through for us these last few years! Tim and RJ are the best!
Kelly M
A huge thank you to Zeke Plumbing for helping my family, and our old home, on multiple occasions! The response time is consistently fast and the work is done properly. I also very much appreciate the honest proposals as to what is needed and options to get the job done properly, efficiently and cost effective. Thank you!
Lisa G.
We woke up this morning to water pouring out of our toilet, all of over the floor, down the to the basement, we were PANICKED! I called Zeek Plumbing and Steve was able to identify the problem over the phone and dispatch someone to come immediately to help us fix the issue. Within an hour everything was fixed and in working order. We're so grateful for the responsiveness and professionalism of his team.
Brianna H.
Huge thank you to Tim (and Steve for coordinating) from Zeek Plumbing & Mechanical. We had a plumbing emergency and Tim was here within 1 hour of calling on a Saturday morning. I highly recommend this company!
Marlena J.
I've used Zeek Plumbing several times now and they always do a great job whether its replacing a sump pump or working on an old furnace. Every time I've called they were able to come out very quickly and get the problem fixed.
Bob H
Tim and RJ were awesome! They squeezed us in and took their time to resolve the issues we originally called for and more. They went above and beyond, were extremely fair, thorough and very professional. My parents have had wonderful experiences with them as well. I highly recommend using Zeek!
Jenna S.
Great plumbers, would 100% recommend. Everyone is very friendly and very knowledgeable. This is our second time using Zeek and we will continue using them.
Monica G.
This is the plumber to call if h\ypu are looking fir one. I called in the morning after a flood. They were out Fixing flood and ponding water when I called but Zeek still managed to make it to our house for the repair. Can't say enouch good about them!!!!
maureen R.
My husband and I had our shower temporarily repaired by the incredibly kind and patient Rich and Ron. Our hot water knob would not shut off, and after trying to fix it ourselves— it turned out this was a job for the professionals. We tried calling a few plumbers in the area— naturally we ended up calling quite a few “not so confident” plumbers who didn’t even want to take the time to look at it in the Morris County NJ area. We have a 2 month old and having the water shut off to the entire house wouldn’t have been the best for us. We let Zeek know our situation and they told us they’d give us a call if their schedule opened up. I can tell you— they did not disappoint. They called us with availability as soon as it opened up and Rich and Ron came to the rescue. I was expecting a temporary repair anyway because our shower is on the older side and needs some detailed TLC. What I was not expecting was how quick and efficient the temporary fix took. Rich quickly made the diagnosis, let us know what was going on and patched it up for us. We can now run water to the house again, and take a shower— which was our goal! We are currently awaiting a complete service to replace a few things in order to have this shower running for many more years to come. I will update this review when that service is performed. Thank you Rich and Ron!
Kaitlyn O.
If ever you are in need of a plumber, look no further than Zeek Plumbing. We had a water leak going from the street to the house hook up. The repair was completed in an efficient and professional manner and the people were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend and will definitely use them again.
Sharee C.
Zeek has done good work for me in the past. Most recently they came through and were unable to complete a job to no fault of their own. Turns out I have a much bigger problem on my hands that none of us expected to find. They made things right and I will be calling them again for work in the future.
Michael S.
I noticed a small leak in our kitchen ceiling and knew it was the upstairs toilet which was very old. I called a ton of plumbers and left messages. Zeek was the 1st plumber to call me back early Monday morning and advised me on next steps so we could get the new toilet installed and taken care of. The two reps were knowledgeable, friendly, explained the issue, what they found and what they were doing. They were also super sweet to my toddler. Price for install was on par with what they had quoted. Highly recommend and will use again (hopefully not for a leak).
Aimee D.

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